man using a walking aid

Adaptive Equipment for Stroke Patients

man using a walking aid

What Are Adaptive Equipment Used For?

The adaptive equipment aims to help patients recovering from stroke to have a healthy life again. For different areas of care, there are different devices for use and assistance. These devices perform different functions like grooming, dressing, feeding, mobility aids, cooking and toileting. Some technological requirements assist the individual towards better communication, performing household chores and driving. 

About Mobility Devices

Different mobility devices are operating in the market for various purposes.  These are meant to provide the required support to the body parts.

The Rolling Walker: 

Sometimes, stroke impact both arms and legs completely, and the victim becomes helpless. In such cases, these rolling walkers can do wonders. This is said to be an excellent tool for providing required support to the body for a walk, especially once your arms and legs cannot provide the needed support. A person can push the rolling walker even with little help. Normally there is some provision in the category of a rolling walker. Some are available with 2 wheels, and the other is 4 wheels’ walker. Even one category comes with 4 wheels and has an inbuilt seat as well. 

The Quad Canes and Hemi Walkers:

This Hemi walker is good to use if the person has had a paralysis attack and cannot move either part of the body. The moving aid has better support for the body, and it requires using both hands. There is either a small or big base attached with the handles of the quad canes, and it also depends upon the requirement of the support system. There is one major drawback to this system of hemi walk. Patients never use the affected part of the body when walking, and they put little to no stress on the impacted part. In this case, the proper and normal part of the body is used, and thus there are fewer chances of quick recovery. 

The Single Tip Canes:

If the stroke patient does not need full-time support, then such single tip canes are the perfect choice to use. These are appropriate for providing minimal support to the body parts after paralysis. 

Scooters and Wheelchairs:

In case of mobility issues, some stroke patients need wheelchairs and scooters. The Hemi wheelchairs, though, have been useful for providing the required support to the lower parts of the body. This can very well be managed with one arm as well. There are some wheelchairs and scooters that can be managed with single arms as well. 

Ask For The Donations From Agencies And Companies:

There are some agencies and companies that donate mobility aids to people. In case you are in need, it is good to get it from some agencies and companies. This way, you will be able to get some feedback and gain from the experience of such individuals. You can also learn how to use these mobility aids when using for the very first time.

Getting the right walking aid for stroke patients at the right time is what is needed. At the same time, you have to be cautious when using such aids.