Choosing The Right Inland Marine Insurance

Choosing The Right Inland Marine Insurance

In order to protect business property during transportation, an inland marine insurance can help by covering materials, equipment and products while they are transported by land through train or maybe a truck.

There will be certain perils or threats that maybe listed by your insurance company provider, against which your consignment gets protected. Such perils are:

� Theft
� Natural disasters like wind or hail
� Fire or water damage

There is no exhaustive list general to all insurance companies. Select a policy that best serves against the possible threat that you might anticipate.

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What is covered under the scheme

Generally, instrument, equipment and such other things are covered by this kind of insurance. For instance, a medical equipment or a construction equipment, even show exhibits. In order to get clarity on whether any particular equipment is insured or not, it is best to seek advice of an insurance agent.

Understand limit and deductibles

It is better if you get a thorough understanding for the deductibles that you will be paying for, even in case of a covered claim. Always take note of the amount insured or the limit that you may have for your claim. Avoid claiming for over the insured amount as you may incur penalty charges.
Need based policy
Depending on your needs which you must assess before buying an insurance policy should determine the kind of policy you truly require.

It can either be an Open policy or maybe a Specific policy. An open policy gives you coverage of over an year while a specific one ends with the first set of transfer.

Choose your cover

Like any other Marine Insurance Singapore policy, you can decide on the extent to which you want to be covered. You can choose from an all risk to basic risk or even an extended risk cover options. While selecting the limit always keep in mind the potentiality of losses that you might incur in absence of insurance. Also consider the level of perils that you might face.

Settlement process

Whenever you are buying an insurance, always be clear of the settlement process. Sometimes they are tedious and time-consuming. Also check if you want �agreed value� or �actual cash� insurance. Agreed value has simpler settlement process in comparison to �actual cash� policy which is more time-consuming process as it takes into account things like real depreciation or loss.

Always read the policy carefully before buying one. Talk to your agent and decide on the one that best suits you.