How Schools Benefit from The Use of Visitor Management Systems

How Schools Benefit from The Use of Visitor Management Systems

Schools take on a huge responsibility during the time when students are in schools. Parents leave their children under the protection of the school administration. Should any harm come to the children during this period, the blame falls on the school management. A visitor management system is essential to identify every one who enters the school. This system keeps off the people with ill intentions. It also keeps a proper record of all the visitors should any problem arise. Should there be an issue, these records can easily be retrieved.

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In this article found in, the author discusses the advantages of having a visitor management system in schools.

Properties of visitor management systems which make it appropriate for schools

“Technology makes life easier in every possible way. Whether it’s being able to communicate and collaborate remotely or make purchases through online payment gateways, every industry today is seeing a level of digital disruption. This disruption presents new opportunities for organisations to streamline and automate their processes.  The education industry is no different.” Read more here

Visitor management systems should be user friendly. The interface should be used easily without prior training. Visitors should be able to follow the prompts. This system allows teachers to focus on their duties and responsibilities without being concerned about keeping records of visitors. It also gives accurate data which can be extracted when the need arises. The school administration should be able to tell how many visitors come into the school at any given time.  

In this article, Jean-Bernard van Zuylen discusses the advantages cloud-based visitor management systems.

Why you should opt for a cloud-based visitor management system

“I have been involved actively in cloud-based or Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’) businesses since 2002. I started as a Testing Engineer then went on through several positions and 3 different companies to reach my current position as IT & Development Director at Proxyclick. As most of my peers I am a big SaaS believer.” Read more here

Most cloud-based visitor management systems give you the option to try out the service before subscribing for it. This allows you to determine if the system will work for you or not. The system also gives you the option to purchase accessories based on your needs. You get the freedom to decide if you need tablets, printers or screens. This freedom also allows you to make investments based on your budget for the visitor management software.

In this article on, the author discusses the different steps the visitor goes through before being granted entry with the use of a visitor management system.

Important features of steps followed when using the visitor management system

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The visitor management system you choose to use needs to be based on the set up you have in your office. Do you have personnel to help visitors when they are signing in or do you want an independent system? Whichever option you have in mind, it is vital for the interface of the system to be user friendly. This way the staff at the points of entry can only offer support should it be needed. The process also needs to be fast and efficient. It would be of disappointing if visitors spend a long time at the point of entry because of a slow system.

Cloud-based visitor management system allows you to have a record of visitors for a long time. You will be able to determine the progress your company makes over a long period of time based on the growth in the number of visitors. If the number of visits translate to sales for your business, you will be able to make future plans. Visitor management systems come with diverse features. You can start with simple features and keep making improvements as your company grows. Visitor management systems are designed to improve user experience. The visitor should experience a positive change from the use of the manual system to the automated system.