Poor posture and how it causes neck pain

Poor posture and how it causes neck pain

Improper posture and awkward body position are known to contribute to neck and shoulder pain. Slouching while walking, inactive lifestyle, and strenuous activities cause neck pain. Here are some questions posed on the subject with their answers which will help you in maintaining a proper posture thus avoiding the pain. 

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How does poor posture affect neck and shoulder?

When you slouch, the head goes forward. This makes your chest ‘cave in’; your shoulders round forward; your upper back hunches over and your shoulder blades rotate forward, tilting down towards the front. Read More Here!

Slouching makes your neck bend forward which shifts the centre of gravity and makes your head heavier. This indeed imparts a lot of weight on your neck and shoulder thus causing strain. When you sit in the same slouched manner for prolonged hours, enough damage is done and doing so on a regular basis worsens the condition. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain a proper posture otherwise you will end up doing more harm than good.

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What are some remedies that can help?

Rolling the shoulders and self-massage using the fingertips are good things to incorporate every couple of hours if you’re working at a desk or driving a long journey. However, combining them with some Atrogel on the painful area should provide even greater relief. Read More Here!

Needless to say, prevention is always better than cure and if you have a desk job, then rolling the shoulders frequently every once in a while will help you relieve the stress. Taking a hot shower can also help a lot. For quick relief, you can also use a hot water compress or ice pack that will help in easing the pain. Lastly, a good night’s sleep and some self-massage will help a great deal with the neck and shoulder pain.

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How to counter the neck pain?

Minimize slouching or “hunched” positions when standing or sitting; make good posture a daily habit. When standing, you should be able to trace a straight, imaginary line down from your shoulders to your hips. This shows that the natural spinal curves of your hips and shoulders are properly aligned. Read More Here!

You must ensure proper posture on a daily basis to curb the problem. Keep your shoulders and hips properly aligned and maintain a straight standing posture. You can also incorporate stretching into your daily routine that will immensely help you in both relieving and treating neck and shoulder pain. Exercising on a regular basis is a great way of staying on the right track. Thus, if you have experienced chronic and sharp pain in your shoulder and neck then you might be suffering from sore muscles. Sudden weakness, decreased motion, and a tingling and numb sensation in the back, neck and arms are some common symptoms to look for. Moreover, radiating pain that does not seem to stop is also something that is alarming. You should take preventive measures and exercise on a daily basis to avoid any problems that might trigger neck and back pain. Ensuring proper posture while walking and sitting and proper sleeping position is also something that you need to look out for.

You can also try self-massaging and cold and hot compress for getting rid of soreness in the neck and shoulder. Also, while working out, you should be extra careful regarding not overstraining your muscles. There are a lot of exercises and stretching that you can try to relieve the pain and get rid of soreness. Walk with your head straight and keep the body aligned well to avoid the weight of the head to strain the neck muscles. While at work, you can shrug the shoulders every two hours and slightly stretch the neck to keep shoulder and neck pain at bay. With these tips, you are sure to combat the pain.