young girl sitting in a lightweight wheelchair

Wheelchairs for Small Adults

young girl sitting in a lightweight wheelchair

What Are The Types Of Small Wheelchairs?

Some travel wheelchairs are compact and offer seats as wide as 20 inches. The common feature in many folding wheelchairs and small wheelchairs is that these can very well be lowered. Some chairs in this category are not even higher. This makes them perfect for older children as well as shorter adults. 

Factors For Lightweight Wheelchairs

Folding Wheelchairs: 

All smaller versions of these wheelchairs are foldable. Thus, these are the perfect companion during travelling and can be taken anywhere without having to worry about their storage space

Height Adjustment: 

The height of the seat can very well be adjusted with no hassle. The seat size on these foldable compact wheelchairs is not wide. Thus the chair can easily be folded. In case the seat is opened, it reaches only 20 inches in width.


The recline is yet another feature in these chairs. These can recline up to the angle of 180 degrees. This makes them ideal for older youth as well as younger adults. People who are small and handicapped/disabled can benefit most from this type of chair. It also allows them better mobility, which makes it comfortable to use and easy to move.


The axles of this chair can be adjusted easily. This way, the complete seat, and backrest can be raised or lowered as desired. The chair can, thus, be adjusted to the required height. This way, the chair offers an additional benefit for the caregiver.

Padded Arms and Footrest: 

The chair also has pad-filled leg rest, and comfortable footrests for restricted motion. With swinging arms and foldable arms, a person need not move completely away from the chair to close/fold it. Also, with people having restricted foot or arm movement, this type of chair is very comfortable. Such people can easily sit or move away from the chair without worrying about falling or imbalance. 

Weight of the Wheelchair: 

Some wheelchairs are made of steel material, while many are aluminium. The fabrication also makes the chair slightly heavy in terms of weight. However, the ones in aluminium are easy to carry and take here and there due to their lower weight. 


The height of the chair can very well be adjusted easily. However, in case of more features and additional accessories, the overall weight of the wheelchair becomes more, and it no longer remains lightweight. Therefore, it is better to get that chair that comes with only essential features and no added accessories. Also, check the total weight of the chair when making the final purchase. 


The footrest also appropriately comes with the chair. The armrest and footrest are essential features for ensuring the safety and mobility of the users. The height of the armrest and footrest has to be adjusted accordingly to ensure the ease and comfort of the user. 

Apart from the above, there are some other features like safety bars that ensure the chair’s safety when in use. Also, installation of padded arm or footrest. It all depends upon your requirement and the budget in hand. Look for lightweight wheelchairs for sale in Singapore at reputable vendors to suit your requirements.