Poor posture and how it causes neck pain

Poor posture and how it causes neck pain

Improper posture and awkward body position are known to contribute to neck and shoulder pain. Slouching while walking, inactive lifestyle, and strenuous activities cause neck pain. Here are some questions posed on the subject with their answers which will help you in maintaining a proper posture thus avoiding the pain. 

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If you want to know more about how exactly the bad posture contributes to your neck pain, then you can read this article by Portobello Physiotherapy at Portobellophysio.

How does poor posture affect neck and shoulder?

When you slouch, the head goes forward. This makes your chest ‘cave in’; your shoulders round forward; your upper back hunches over and your shoulder blades rotate forward, tilting down towards the front. Read More Here!

Slouching makes your neck bend forward which shifts the centre of gravity and makes your head heavier. This indeed imparts a lot of weight on your neck and shoulder thus causing strain. When you sit in the same slouched manner for prolonged hours, enough damage is done and doing so on a regular basis worsens the condition. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain a proper posture otherwise you will end up doing more harm than good.

If you are looking for some advice on home remedies that can help with neck pain, then you should check out this article at Avogel by Earle Logan.

What are some remedies that can help?

Rolling the shoulders and self-massage using the fingertips are good things to incorporate every couple of hours if you’re working at a desk or driving a long journey. However, combining them with some Atrogel on the painful area should provide even greater relief. Read More Here!

Needless to say, prevention is always better than cure and if you have a desk job, then rolling the shoulders frequently every once in a while will help you relieve the stress. Taking a hot shower can also help a lot. For quick relief, you can also use a hot water compress or ice pack that will help in easing the pain. Lastly, a good night’s sleep and some self-massage will help a great deal with the neck and shoulder pain.

To know more about the exercises that you can do to relieve neck pain you can check this article at Cawleypt by Frank Cawley.

How to counter the neck pain?

Minimize slouching or “hunched” positions when standing or sitting; make good posture a daily habit. When standing, you should be able to trace a straight, imaginary line down from your shoulders to your hips. This shows that the natural spinal curves of your hips and shoulders are properly aligned. Read More Here!

You must ensure proper posture on a daily basis to curb the problem. Keep your shoulders and hips properly aligned and maintain a straight standing posture. You can also incorporate stretching into your daily routine that will immensely help you in both relieving and treating neck and shoulder pain. Exercising on a regular basis is a great way of staying on the right track. Thus, if you have experienced chronic and sharp pain in your shoulder and neck then you might be suffering from sore muscles. Sudden weakness, decreased motion, and a tingling and numb sensation in the back, neck and arms are some common symptoms to look for. Moreover, radiating pain that does not seem to stop is also something that is alarming. You should take preventive measures and exercise on a daily basis to avoid any problems that might trigger neck and back pain. Ensuring proper posture while walking and sitting and proper sleeping position is also something that you need to look out for.

You can also try self-massaging and cold and hot compress for getting rid of soreness in the neck and shoulder. Also, while working out, you should be extra careful regarding not overstraining your muscles. There are a lot of exercises and stretching that you can try to relieve the pain and get rid of soreness. Walk with your head straight and keep the body aligned well to avoid the weight of the head to strain the neck muscles. While at work, you can shrug the shoulders every two hours and slightly stretch the neck to keep shoulder and neck pain at bay. With these tips, you are sure to combat the pain.

Choosing The Right Inland Marine Insurance

Choosing The Right Inland Marine Insurance

In order to protect business property during transportation, an inland marine insurance can help by covering materials, equipment and products while they are transported by land through train or maybe a truck.

There will be certain perils or threats that maybe listed by your insurance company provider, against which your consignment gets protected. Such perils are:

� Theft
� Natural disasters like wind or hail
� Fire or water damage

There is no exhaustive list general to all insurance companies. Select a policy that best serves against the possible threat that you might anticipate.

if you are looking for a comprehensive marine insurance, do consider Allegiance Marine Insurance. They also have a wide range of other commercial insurance that you might need. Visit their site today.

What is covered under the scheme

Generally, instrument, equipment and such other things are covered by this kind of insurance. For instance, a medical equipment or a construction equipment, even show exhibits. In order to get clarity on whether any particular equipment is insured or not, it is best to seek advice of an insurance agent.

Understand limit and deductibles

It is better if you get a thorough understanding for the deductibles that you will be paying for, even in case of a covered claim. Always take note of the amount insured or the limit that you may have for your claim. Avoid claiming for over the insured amount as you may incur penalty charges.
Need based policy
Depending on your needs which you must assess before buying an insurance policy should determine the kind of policy you truly require.

It can either be an Open policy or maybe a Specific policy. An open policy gives you coverage of over an year while a specific one ends with the first set of transfer.

Choose your cover

Like any other Marine Insurance Singapore policy, you can decide on the extent to which you want to be covered. You can choose from an all risk to basic risk or even an extended risk cover options. While selecting the limit always keep in mind the potentiality of losses that you might incur in absence of insurance. Also consider the level of perils that you might face.

Settlement process

Whenever you are buying an insurance, always be clear of the settlement process. Sometimes they are tedious and time-consuming. Also check if you want �agreed value� or �actual cash� insurance. Agreed value has simpler settlement process in comparison to �actual cash� policy which is more time-consuming process as it takes into account things like real depreciation or loss.

Always read the policy carefully before buying one. Talk to your agent and decide on the one that best suits you.

Commercial vehicle insurance VS personal vehicle insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance VS personal vehicle insurance- which is better?

It is often very difficult and confusing to determine how much or the kind of insurance you need. You definitely will agree that car insurance is very important for individuals and businesses.

In the event of an accident, an insurance company is going to give the affected party compensation that will cover the damages incurred. But this is only going to happen if your vehicle is insured.

Know the differences between commercial and personal vehicle insurance is not only going to help you choose between them, it is also going to help you determine the one that will suit your needs.

Of course, there are a lot of similarities between them especially in the type of protection they offer. But there are also key differences between them when it comes to policies and how well they can protect your business.

If you find yourself needing commercial vehicle insurance, do consider Allegiance Associates. They cover a wide range of insurance not only for vehicle, but for personal and corporate. You should check out their site here today: https://www.allegiance.com.sg/commercial-insurance/commercial-vehicle-insurance

The following article by progressivecommercial shed light on some differences between commercial and personal auto insurance.

Commercial vs personal auto insurance

Figuring out what kind of insurance – and how much – you need can be confusing. Use the following resources to help you decide whether personal auto insurance or commercial auto insurance is right for you. Here are some things to consider when deciding what kind of insurance policy you need. Read more here.

You likely now know the differences between personal and commercial vehicle insurance. If you own a small business, you are likely going to wonder if personal vehicle insurance will be able to protect your business. Most of the time, the nature of your business will determine the type of insurance you should get. If you don’t run many business errands or you carry out most of your business activities at a particular location, then you should consider getting personal vehicle insurance. 

The following article by pscinsurance will help you determine if personal vehicle insurance will be able to protect your business.

Is personal vehicle insurance adequate to protect your small business?

Having finished the weekly shopping, you’re backing out of your car park in your business car, which is only covered by personal car insurance. In a moment of distraction, you continue to back out, only to hear the crunch as your car connects with a parked Holden. A minute later you’re calling the insurance company, however, they have only bad news. Your personal vehicle insurance won’t cover the accident to your business car. Read more here

You probably now know some important things about personal insurance. But do you know that there is a thin line between personal and commercial auto insurance? Many business owners have a false notion that personal and commercial vehicle insurance is the same. Well, this is not entirely true. Of course, they cover the same type of damage (accident) but their policies are not the same. If you know the thin line between these two, you will be able to determine the one that will suit your needs.

The following article by Alex Glenn unveils that thin line between personal and commercial auto insurance.

The thin line between personal and commercial auto insurance

If you don’t operate a fleet of business vehicles — or run a business at all — you may never have given commercial auto insurance a thought. But it’s possible you may need a commercial policy even if you don’t fall into these categories, particularly if you use your own vehicle for work purposes other than commuting. To help you avoid confusion, we’ll explain when shopping for commercial auto coverage makes more sense than getting personal car insurance quotes. Read more here.

You likely now know the differences as well as the similarities between personal and commercial vehicle insurance. That said, you need to have it at the back of your mind that you don’t need have fleets of vehicles you use to run your business before buying commercial vehicle insurance. If you use your personal car to carry out business activities on a regular basis, then you should consider getting commercial vehicle insurance.

Final note

 It is often a challenge to determine if personal vehicle insurance or commercial vehicle insurance will suit your needs. You are definitely going to agree that insuring a vehicle is important. But understanding the differences between personal and commercial insurance will help you determine the one that you needs.

Small business owners often wonder if personal vehicle insurance is right for them. They often find out the hard way that getting commercial vehicle insurance is better since they are going to be running a lot of business errands.

Surely, there is a thin line between personal and commercial insurance. They both cover the same type of risk (accident) but their policies are somewhat different. 

Compelling reasons why you need commercial vehicle insurance

Compelling reasons why you need commercial vehicle insurance

As a business owner, you are definitely going to be occupied with a lot of activities. That said, you need to ensure that the vehicles you use to run your business are insured. Whether you use your personal car or a business car it is important that you have commercial vehicle insurance.

One reason why you should consider getting commercial auto insurance is that it covers a wide range of situations. That said, you need to have it at the back of your mind that the term and options vary. This makes it very important for you as a business owner to completely understand what the policies include.

There are several types of coverage that may be embedded in your commercial auto policy. At the same time, there are others options you can purchase individually. So, if you own a business, you are definitely going to benefit from commercial auto insurance.

If you find yourself needing commercial vehicle insurance, do consider Allegiance Vehicle Insurance. They cover a wide range of insurance not only for vehicle, but for personal and corporate. You should check out their site today.

The following article by inszoneinsurance shed light on some important information about commercial auto insurance.

Commercial auto and trucking insurance

Car, truck, van, or any vehicle used for business is exposed to risks, that when not properly insured, can lead to costly repairs and loss bringing your business to a halt. Businesses of all sizes who use vehicles for work, need to have the right commercial auto and trucking insurance to cover liability, physical damage, and injuries in case of an accident. Read more here.

You likely now know some important things about commercial vehicle insurance. Knowing these things will help you determine if it will suit your needs. One reason why business owners are skeptical about buy commercial auto insurance is that they don’t have a clear picture of what they are going to enjoy or how they are going to benefit from it. Because they don’t see the value of it, they won’t consider it as important or give much preference to it.

The following article by Jason Kovach shed light on some advantages of commercial auto insurance.

Advantages of commercial auto insurance

Whether it’s a car or truck that you own and is used strictly for business functions, you can get commercial auto insurance to cover your property in the event of an accident. Below are advantages of commercial motor insurance. Read more here

You probably now know some of the advantages of commercial vehicle insurance. Security is basically the major thing you are going to enjoy when your business vehicles are insured. As a business owner, you are likely going have a lot on your plate most of the time. Getting commercial vehicle insurance will protect your divers. In the event of an accident the medical bill as well as the cost of repairs of damaged properties will be covered by the insurance company. As a business owner, it is important that you know the differences between commercial and personal auto coverage.

The following article by carinsurancecomparison discusses the differences between commercial and personal auto coverage.

What is the difference between commercial and personal car coverage?

Since personal car insurance and commercial car insurance have different risks, the policies are written differently. Car insurance is important for both individuals and for businesses. Since the insurance company is taking on the liability and risk when you purchase a policy from them, the amount of that risk and liability is dependent upon many factors. Read more here.

Since you now know the differences between these two, you will be able to determine the one that will suit your needs. If the nature of your business doesn’t require you to move around with your vehicle then commercial auto insurance may not be good for you. On the other hand, if you have a lot of business vehicles and you run a lot of business errands, you should consider getting commercial auto insurance.

Final note

As a business owner buying commercial vehicle insurance is a smart move. Before purchasing it, it is important that you do some research to know what you are getting yourself into. Surely, there is a possibility that commercial vehicle insurance may not be good for you.

If you have a fleet of vehicles you use to run your business, you are definitely going enjoy a lot of benefits when you buy commercial auto insurance. One thing that is constant is every business is risks. In the event of an accident commercial auto insurance is going to protect you.

There surely is a sharp contrast between personal and commercial auto insurance. Their policies are different. Understanding the differences between them will help you determine the one that is right for you.

How to Ensure that You Are Buying the Right Professional Indemnity Insurance Plan

How to Ensure that You Are Buying the Right Professional Indemnity Insurance Plan?

Not only professionals but even companies can derive immense benefits by buying and putting in place an appropriate professional indemnity insurance plan. But how you, as a professional or an entrepreneur, can ensure that you are purchasing the right plan? Experts opine that if you avoid a few mistakes during the purchase process, you will be able to buy the right policy.

If you are looking for commercial vehicle insurance, do consider Allegiance Vehicle Insurance. They cover a wide range of insurance not only for vehicle, but for personal and corporate. You should check out their site today.

Let us delve a little deeper into this.

1. Not understanding the differences between the policies that are available.

It is true that general insurance companies offer various types of policies including the vehicle insurance plans. Therefore, there are chances of you feeling overwhelmed, especially due to the enormous amount of data and details you may have to study. Regardless of this fact, it is imperative that you should be able to know the clear distinctions between the features of policies that are on offer. Otherwise, you will be buying a wrong plan and this may be perilous to your profession or company. You should therefore study the policies thoroughly, understand their features fully, and then, make the right choice.

2. Not ensuring that the policy you buy covers the risks adequately.

The policy you buy should cover all the risks to an adequate extent. You may argue that it is difficult to quantify the impact of the risks involved in your profession. Though this is true, if all the risks are not covered adequately, you may be put to a heavy loss. Not only that, you may lose your peace of mind as well. It is in this context you are advised to seek the advice of experts with reputed general insurance companies so you can almost be certain that all the risks pertaining to your profession are covered adequately.

3. Choosing policies based on their premiums alone.

This is another huge mistake but unfortunately, a number of companies and professionals commit this blunder. Of course, cost is an important factor you should take into account while buying insurance policies. But it should not be the sole factor. You must take into consideration several other factors as well that include deductible limits, the attitude of the companies while dealing with their clients, and so on. If you buy an insurance policy based only on the premiums, there are chances of the policy not providing you with adequate cover against the risks involved in your profession.

4. Not studying the ratios between the claims received and the settlements made by the insurance companies.

If you choose a general insurance company the claim-settlement ratio of which is very low, likelihood of your claims getting rejected will also be high. You must not overlook the fact that almost all the insurance companies work with a profit motive. Therefore, it is important that you study the client-satisfaction outlook of the companies before you zero in on the best entity.

If you keep these points in mind, you can certainly buy the right insurance plan that is suitable for your profession or company. To know more get in touch with Allegiance Vehicle Insurance today.

Effective Math Tips

If you ask about the most hated subject, many would actually say that they hate math basically because it is difficult and complicated. If you are one of those people who hate math, then probably you are also curious about how other people could easily answer math problems or how they could understand concepts. In this article, we are going to help you by giving you several tips on how you could solve and learn math.

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In an article by Diego Santos, we are going to read about seven tips for solving math problems.

How to Study Maths: 7 Tips for Solving Maths Problems

How to Study Maths

Mathematics is a subject that every student has to study at one time or another. Some love it but if we’re being honest, most people hate studying maths. The importance of maths for students has never been more prominent. Most university courses include some level of maths while almost every profession uses maths in some form on a daily basis. The problem many students have is that they don’t know how to study maths to get good results.

Maths is one of those subjects which you can easily spend hours studying but end up none the wiser. However much you have studied, if you cannot solve the problem on day of the test, you are lost. Thankfully, there are some techniques for studying maths that you can do regardless of your level. You may even end up loving mathematics by the end of the blog post! Read more here.

It is important for you to review errors. Your errors are what you have to improve that is why you have to take time to practice it. Don’t focus more on your strengths because they are just there. Improve your weaknesses instead. In addition to that, Chitra Reddy will share to us some tips and tricks on how we could learn math fast and easy.

How to Learn Math Fast and Easy: Tips and Tricks

Whenever a person asks a student or anyone about their favorite and toughest subject in school and college, then most of the time one used to receive only one answer, toughest would be maths. And there will be some people who believe that math learning is easier than it seems. If students or anyone who believes that studying is difficult than anything in this world, then it’s all in their mind. If a person start practicing and learning maths then it will definitely change your opinion.

Tips to Learn and Understanding Mathematics Better:

There are people who think that if someone find maths as easiest subject than anything, then those people definitely will be declared as the most intelligent people. To overcome that thinking, a person needs to understand their capability of handling maths and then maths is going to be the easiest subject. Here is a easy way to learn mathematics. Read more here.

If ever you are having doubts with your solutions and answers, it is always safe to consult other people about it. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help. Nothing will happen with you if you only keep things to yourself. For more tips, Valerie Hamilton will give us five more ways to effectively study mathematics.

5 Ways to Effectively Study Mathematics

Throughout my math courses, I have been most successful when I have devoted a lot of time and effort to my studies. In these courses, I worked on homework and practice problems after every class, and kept up to date on the material that was being covered by going over the notes and completing assignments in small digestible bites. I sought help when I needed it, and did not allow myself to be fine with “just passing”. Having a positive attitude when approaching problems is important and it sets you up for success when you might otherwise be discouraged. Here are some tips to help you effectively study for your mathematics courses.

  1. Foundations are important

Math is a subject where concepts build upon each other and the material is cumulative. If you encounter something in class, or in a homework problem that you know you have learned before but don’t quite remember, take the time to go over the material. Go over the material to understand it, not just to remember it. Chances are, if you have to go over it again, you may not have completely grasped the subject material in the first place, so this is the time to solidify your foundational knowledge. Read more here.

Practice really makes perfect. If ever you have struggles with some topics, you should not lose hope. You only have to practice and practice for you to master it. You should also not let your mistakes discourage you. Instead, consider it as a challenge and let it encourage you to do better. Math is really a challenging subject that is why we have to be patient about it. Be patient in learning and everything will be fine.

How Dna testing can find out more about your ancestry


Do you know people who are looking for their real parents or even real children? If no, then you have probably watched reality television shows or movies where people have spent their whole life looking for their real family. The process done to actually identify if a person is your real family is called DNA fingerprinting or DNA profiling. Nevertheless, this is not the only time that DNA profiling and fingerprinting is used. The process is also widely used in different fields like crime and investigations.

Your Genome will tell us more about what is DNA fingerprinting through their article below.

What is a DNA fingerprint?

DNA fingerprinting is a method used to identify an individual from a sample of DNA by looking at unique patterns in their DNA.


  • Almost every cell? in our body contains our DNA?.
  • On average, about 99.9 per cent of the DNA between two humans is the same.
  • The remaining percentage is what makes us unique (unless you are an identical twin!).
  • Although this might sound like a small amount, it means that there are around three million base pairs? that are different between two people. These differences can be compared and used to help distinguish you from someone else.
  • Minisatellites are short sequences (10-60 base pairs long) of repetitive DNA that show greater variation? from one person to the next than other parts of the genome?. This variation is exhibited in the number of repeated units or ‘stutters’ in the minisatellite sequence.
  • The first minisatellite was discovered in 1980. Read more here.

That is a lot of information about DNA fingerprinting. There are pieces of information about how the first DNA fingerprint is produced, how a DNA profile is used today, how DNA profiles are stored, and many more. We can now under DNA profiling and fingerprinting better. Now, let us read about six ways DNA profiling matters. DNA Diagnostics Center will tell us more about it.

6 Ways DNA Profiling Matters

DNA profiling is a technique developed and perfected over the last 25 years to uniquely identify individuals based on their DNA – the genetic material that is present in each of the billions of cells in our bodies. DNA is, for all intents and purposes, a sequence of “letters” that encodes the unique information that makes us human.

While the sequence of code is nearly the same in all of us, there are important differences in the DNA between individuals. These differences can be used by scientists to uniquely identify individuals through the highly accurate process of DNA profiling.

The power of DNA profiling to uniquely identify individuals is even greater than the traditional method of fingerprinting. More importantly, DNA profiling can unambiguously determine family relationships, such as paternity, which fingerprinting cannot do. Only in cases of identical twins – individuals that begin life with the exact same DNA – does it become difficult for DNA profiling to distinguish. However, even these can be distinguished in many cases with advanced techniques. Read more here.

DNA Diagnostics Center provided us with information on where DNA profiling is used and how important it is. So it is used for identifying criminals, exoneration and freedom, identifying remains in tragedies, establishing paternity, establishing family, and determining ancestry. For more information about how DNA profiling could help you find your birth parents, let us read the article written by Henry Louis gates Jr. and Jake Byrnes below.

Can DNA Help You Find Your Birth Parents? (Part 1)

“I am adopted and have NO clues about my birth except a sort of “fake” birth certificate from when I was born in Texas. No family name. No known blood relatives. Would the DNA test be a good option for me anyway? What will I learn about my family from taking a DNA test?” ~ Rita M.


Dear Rita,

The short answer to your first question is “yes, absolutely:” An adopted person can — sometimes — be fortunate enough to find the identity of their biological mother and father through one of the major commercial DNA tests available today. And the answer to your second question is “quite a lot.”

Let us explain what we mean by sometimes: if your biological parents or grandparents, brothers, sisters, or close cousins have already had their DNA tested, you will always be connected to them, and your relationship identified, by logging into your own privacy-protected account from the DNA company that tested you. We have to say sometimes because not everyone has had their DNA tested. But if every parent who put a child up for adoption had their DNA analyzed, that child would always show a connection to their biological parents in that same DNA database. We are a long way from reaching that goal but it is a noble one to which to aspire. Read more here.

There we have Rita writing and asking about how she could locate her family when she only has a fake birth certificate and she has no family name and no known blood relatives. So Henry and Jake explained to her what she could do about it. DNA profiling has already helped reunite many families before and it is amazing how this is done. It is really something that we should be thankful about because it has also helped solve crimes and that alone is a very important contribution.

Here Are the Different Things That Your DNA Can Reveal About You

Your genes are like the bricks that help to build the house. If they are strong the building will be steady but if they are weak then you take measures to strengthen them. It is for this very reason that many people have now started to opt to get a DNA test done that can help reveal a lot about the person that you are and also help you with means to overcome any traits that may need some extra precautions. Although, your genes may not be the only factor that is responsible for the person you are there are a few distinguishable traits that you may find in yourself that can be credited to the genes that you possess. In addition, you can also use your DNA to map out your family tree and find out more about your ancestors.

As your DNA is responsible for your entire genetic makeup it can reveal a lot about you and sometimes you may even find out something that is truly surprising.

Physical attributes that DNA can reveal:

Sex: This is one of the simplest traits of a person that can be identified from their DNA. If the DNA is comprised of an X and a Y chromosome then the individual is male while the presence of two X chromosomes indicates female.

Hair Color: your DNA can reveal the true hair color that you were born with. For example, if an individual contains 2 mutated genes that prevent the formation of pigment producing cells known as melanocytes then that individual is a natural red-head.

Eye Color: there are four genes that are responsible for the color of your eyes. Scientists can identify the individual’s eye color with a simple DNA test.

Personality traits that can be revealed with the help of DNA Testing:

It may be surprising but your DNA is also to some extent responsible for the kind of person you are. It can help to determine various personality traits such as

Body clock: whether you are a person who believes in early to bed and early to rise or if you are a night owl can also be determined by your DNA. The gene Per2 has been linked to individuals with advanced sleep phase syndrome whereas the gene Per3 is more likely to be found in those individuals who are night owls.

ADHD: The genes present in your DNA can also reveal whether you have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a condition that is shown to be linked to the gene DAT1 having a genetic stutter.

Adventurous: There is a certain version of a gene that is present on the X chromosome that is most often associated with creating impulsive tendencies as well as thrill seeking traits in the individual.

Your DNA can also reveal a lot about your health:

The length of your life: there is a particular type of the Klotho gene that is known to be associated with the length of human life. The gene influences the various diseases such as stroke or cardiac diseases that are related to age.

Obesity: The FTO gene variant that is present in almost 50% of the population of UK is responsible for the individual who carries the gene to have 1.6% higher weight than those without the gene. There are also a few cases in which the individual carries 2 copies of this gene making them an average of 3 kgs more than the rest of the population.

Disease: your DNA can also reveal the possibility of you suffering from various diseases such as, Huntingtons, which is caused by a mutation in the Huntington gene; Breast cancer in women who have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene; Familial adenomatous polyposis, which is a type of bowel cancer in people who have a mutation in the APC gene; or Cystic fibrosis and many other diseases.

Your DNA can also reveal whether you belong to a special group of gifted children .




Orbot – The Greener Cleaner

Have you ever walked into an airport, hotel hallway or room, and smelt a dingy humid scent because the carpet had been recently cleaned? Was the carpet truly clean or was it still grey and dull in appearance? Are these signs of a healthy, clean, and safe environment?

Orbot was designed in mind to support a healthy indoor environment. Carpets will simply be clean, vibrant in colour, and dry within minutes. The system will eliminate the most common problems caused by other cleaning methods that lead to mold growth, mildew, volatile organic compounds (VOC), insufficient drying times, recurring stains, and safety hazards.

The unique Orbot low-moisture system uses 10 to 15 times less the amount of water opposed to water extraction methods. Therefore over-wet carpets will never be an issue. Wet carpets that are walked on will almost always resoil more quickly. This is because the chemicals and moisture act as a magnet, pulling dirt and debris back into the carpet fibers.

Eliminate Health Risks

Long drying time increases the likelihood that mold and mildew will develop, seriously jeopardising indoor air quality and potentially harming the occupants health. With longer drying times there is a greater possibility that gases and volatile organic compounds will be released into the air. This can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, especially for young children.

Simply put, what falls to the floor like common dust, pollutants and many things that we breathe, tends to stay on the floor until it is cleaned. Properly maintaining the cleanliness of the floors by using the low-moisture system will lead to improved air quality and a healthier indoor environment that can be seen, smelt, and felt to believe.