Here Are the Different Things That Your DNA Can Reveal About You

Your genes are like the bricks that help to build the house. If they are strong the building will be steady but if they are weak then you take measures to strengthen them. It is for this very reason that many people have now started to opt to get a DNA test done that can help reveal a lot about the person that you are and also help you with means to overcome any traits that may need some extra precautions. Although, your genes may not be the only factor that is responsible for the person you are there are a few distinguishable traits that you may find in yourself that can be credited to the genes that you possess. In addition, you can also use your DNA to map out your family tree and find out more about your ancestors.

As your DNA is responsible for your entire genetic makeup it can reveal a lot about you and sometimes you may even find out something that is truly surprising.

Physical attributes that DNA can reveal:

Sex: This is one of the simplest traits of a person that can be identified from their DNA. If the DNA is comprised of an X and a Y chromosome then the individual is male while the presence of two X chromosomes indicates female.

Hair Color: your DNA can reveal the true hair color that you were born with. For example, if an individual contains 2 mutated genes that prevent the formation of pigment producing cells known as melanocytes then that individual is a natural red-head.

Eye Color: there are four genes that are responsible for the color of your eyes. Scientists can identify the individual’s eye color with a simple DNA test.

Personality traits that can be revealed with the help of DNA Testing:

It may be surprising but your DNA is also to some extent responsible for the kind of person you are. It can help to determine various personality traits such as

Body clock: whether you are a person who believes in early to bed and early to rise or if you are a night owl can also be determined by your DNA. The gene Per2 has been linked to individuals with advanced sleep phase syndrome whereas the gene Per3 is more likely to be found in those individuals who are night owls.

ADHD: The genes present in your DNA can also reveal whether you have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a condition that is shown to be linked to the gene DAT1 having a genetic stutter.

Adventurous: There is a certain version of a gene that is present on the X chromosome that is most often associated with creating impulsive tendencies as well as thrill seeking traits in the individual.

Your DNA can also reveal a lot about your health:

The length of your life: there is a particular type of the Klotho gene that is known to be associated with the length of human life. The gene influences the various diseases such as stroke or cardiac diseases that are related to age.

Obesity: The FTO gene variant that is present in almost 50% of the population of UK is responsible for the individual who carries the gene to have 1.6% higher weight than those without the gene. There are also a few cases in which the individual carries 2 copies of this gene making them an average of 3 kgs more than the rest of the population.

Disease: your DNA can also reveal the possibility of you suffering from various diseases such as, Huntingtons, which is caused by a mutation in the Huntington gene; Breast cancer in women who have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene; Familial adenomatous polyposis, which is a type of bowel cancer in people who have a mutation in the APC gene; or Cystic fibrosis and many other diseases.

Your DNA can also reveal whether you belong to a special group of gifted children .